About Me

I graduated from Georgetown Law with over $200,000 in student loans.  It was terrifying.  I was receiving all of these letters with terms I frankly didn’t understand, like “forbearance”.   That’s when I decided I wanted to take control of my finances and get out of debt as quickly as I possibly could.  I set a goal to pay off my student loans in 2 years, and ended up beating that goal by a month.  Through the experience, personal finance became a passion of mine, because it gave me back control of my life.  I didn’t have the debt looming over me any more.  

I created the YouTube channel to share my story, because I want to help others make more money, save more money, get out of debt, create passive income, learn how to invest, and take control of their personal finances.

Georgetown Law, Juris Doctor

University of Notre Dame, Bachelor of Arts