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I Am Erika Kullberg.

I went from 0 subscribers to making over $100,000 from YouTube in under a year, all while working full-time as a lawyer. I know you're already juggling a million things, so it is my mission to teach busy professionals like yourself to master YouTube so you can accomplish your goals, whether it's growing an audience, having an impact, sharing your passion, gaining credibility, generating leads or creating additional income.

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"This course allowed us to pick our channel back up and in a months timeframe, we saw a 250 subscriber growth!"

– Abel, Student Loan Planner

"Before I got Mastering YouTube, I just felt overwhelmed...now I'm confident that I will succeed and impact more people and achieve my goals with my YouTube channel."

– Eunice, Owner of Tax Planning and Accounting Firm

"You're a busy professional, and I knew that you faced the exact same challenges that I faced when I was starting my YouTube channel."

– Cam, Commodity Trader (“Black Swan Financial”)

"She shows us so many practical tips on how to save time while planning, recording, and editing our videos and how to never run out of content, which is very essential."

– Catarina, Business Coach

"I decided to get Mastering YouTube with Erika because I don't know what I'm doing and she's done this before and she's got some really awesome, great practical tips."

– Emily, IT Professional and Group Fitness Trainer (“Watch Em Go”)

"With Erika’s strategies, I now have a long list of videos that I can be making... I no longer have to focus on or waste time trying to figure that out."

– Claudia, Career Coach

Last year, i was stuck in a corporate job i hated.

I would have laughed if you told me I would be on YouTube.  Here's what I would have told you:

1. I don't have the time for YouTube!  YouTube seems so time-consuming.  There's no way I can find the time to do it.

2. I don't know anything about editing or what camera or equipment I need!  I'm the least tech-savvy person.  I also don't know anything about social media–I mean, I went 3 years without posting a single Instagram photo! 

3. I lack the confidence.  I'm not good on camera, I'm shy and have always been TERRIFIED of public speaking and I mess up my words a lot.  People will laugh at me!  I'm going to end up embarrassing myself.  I'm scared.  I just don't have that “YouTube personality'.  My anxiety just wouldn't allow it.

4. I doubt anyone would want to watch me.  I love talking about personal finance, but it's not like I'm an ‘expert' or have a finance degree… who would want to watch me?

I even opened up to Business Insider recently about some of these fears I had.


youtube changed everything.


Despite all of the fear and hesitation and doubt, I somehow convinced myself to post the first YouTube video.

In under a year, I now have over 70,000 subscribers and 4 million views.

Plus, I've been featured on Business Insider, Inc. Magazine, U.S. News & World Report, CNBC, and more…!


i went from 0 subscribers to making over $100,000 on youtube in under a year...

i did all of this while still working full-time as a lawyer.

what's been stopping you?

no time

I don't have time for youtube

Trust me, I understand. I didn't think I could grow a YouTube channel like this while still working full-time. The thing that made it possible was the time saving hacks and efficient systems I created. I'll teach them to you.

4 modules dedicated entirely to time saving hacks

I'll teach you how to create efficient systems and optimize the process.
time savers for the busy professional

no idea where to start

I have no idea where to start

I'll walk you through everything step-by-step. No prior experience needed. We'll talk about everything from finding your niche, to editing, to getting views, to making money from YouTube.

a guided roadmap to youtube

Everything I've learned this year is packed into 1 course.
No Prior experience required

too expensive

I don't know what equipment i need

I'll walk you through the equipment you need that'll fit with your budget. Hint: you don't need to spend thousands on a new camera to succeed on YouTube.

a module dedicated to getting your equipment in order

I'll walk you through the basics, and how to make your setup look really nice without hurting your wallet.
you don't need expensive equipment

can't edit

Editing Will take too long

I'll teach you how to do a 5 minute edit. If you don't want to edit, no problem, I'll walk you step-by-step through how I hire editors for $15/video.

Two modules dedicated to editing

I'll walk you through two options. 1. The DIY Approach, where I teach you how to quickly edit your own videos and 2. The Outsourcing Approach, where I teach you how to hire a great and affordable editor.
you don't need technical experience

too scared

i'm scared to be on camera

I was scared too. I was worried about being judged. I'm going to teach you how to overcome that fear. This is your time to stop letting fear stop you from trying things.

i was scared too

I'll walk you through how to get over the fear. I have little tricks I use to help me feel more confident on camera.
you've got this!

Now that we've cleared those roadblocks...

this course is for you if:

you're a busy professional with not enough time

I went from 0 subscribers to over $100,000 in a year while working full-time. It wouldn't have been possible without the efficient time-saving systems I have in place. That's why there are 4 modules dedicated to saving time. Think of this as a YouTube course for people who don't have time for YouTube.

you want to actually make money on youtube

I'm a lawyer and expert negotiator. Erika "Deal Maker" Kullberg. YouTubers with 1 million+ subscribers come to me to negotiate 6-figure sponsorship deals.
You're getting a manual for how to negotiate sponsorship deals and affiliate deals. You're also getting lists of 100 potential affiliates and 100 potential sponsors. You'll also learn how to use YouTube to grow your business and generate leads. Most YouTube courses glaze over the 'making money' aspect. Not this one. There are over 20 lessons dedicated to making money from your YouTube channel.

you want a step-by-step roadmap

Most YouTube course teachers have been on YouTube for years. They are disconnected from the struggles of starting out. Not me. Just a year ago I was planning out my first video. That's why I know how you're feeling and the questions you have and will take you step-by-step through what you need to grow a successful YouTube channel. That means practical instruction you can actually follow and not some untested theory-based course with vague pointers about 'cracking the YouTube algorithm'. If you've seen my YouTube channel, you know me: I stick to the facts.

this course isn't for you if...



what people say

As a lawyer, I help well-known YouTubers negotiate 6-figure sponsorship deals.  With the course, you're getting practical tips for how you can find sponsors and negotiate sponsored videos, so you can actually make what you're worth.

Bryce matheson - 6,000 youtube subscribers

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